About my photography

My photography strong point is shooting Advertisements and Still Life Product Portraits. With my style I have developed my own unique way of shooting to make it different from other advertisements. As I set up for each shoot I like to bring out personality, so that every image I photograph has its own individual look. Creating a friendly and comfortable bond with clients is very important to me.

I strive for every shoot to be a success. For every image I photograph I want them to grab my viewers’ attention. I enjoy zooming into the details that not everyone sees. In my opinion, it’s not always important to show the entire product, unless no one knows what the product is. This means, I enjoy photographing close-ups of the fine stitching and quality shown in a product, such as a shoe. During the times I photograph I like to place and set everything up in the way I want it to be shot on camera. So I do very little post production to my imagery. As a photographer, I have developed a style that I can call my own.