Tucker Max Death Mix

Are you looking for a good time but you only have 10 dollars? Are you old enough to drink but not too old to get white boy wasted? Are you wating to drink in a timely manner, feel energized, and stay fit?
If any of these apply to you then crash your car into the nearest ABC store, steal a Gatorade from your High School, and grab that 1 year old Red Bull out from under the drivers seat of your car.

What You Need

What You Need To Do

If you're making Death Mix then chances are you don't have time to measure (or have any care left in your body whatsoever) so take these three ingredients, dump them into your CamelBack, do a few jumping jacks, and enjoy a night that you wont forget (because you can't forget something you never rememebered in the first place)

++red bull=

Surgeon General Warning

Although, this may be the quickest and cheapest way to get super drunk and may be the best vomit you have ever had in your entire life, this is however, one of the the best ways to kill yourself. Please drink responsibly.