Favorite Photographer: Sandy Skoglund


Sandy Skoglund is an American photographer known for her elaborate sets and pre-production. She was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts in 1946. She studied at Smith College, then went on to the University of Iowa for an MA in filmmaking, intaglio printmaking and multimedia art, with an MFA in painting. She then moved to New York City when she worked as a conceptual artist. In the late 70s, she began to teach herself photography as another outlet for her concepts. She currently lives and works in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Skoglund is known mostly for taking ordinary things found around the house, such as popcorn or cheese puffs, and using them to coat the entire set and some of the subjects in her work. She has also used ceramic animals, painted in solid colors, against another solid colored painted background. Many times, she mixes real models with the animals and food. Her use of color is deliberate and excellent. Some of the images only have about two to three colors in them, which makes the viewer focus on what is in the image itself.

Here are just a few of her accomplishments:


Photograph by Nicholai Klimaszewski



Photograph by Sandy Skoglund

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