Recipe by: Helen Daniels (My Grandma) and Lady Gaga

Killer Tuna Sandwich

When you’re tired of giving your all, when you’re tired of being abused, when you’re tired of being hurt, try cooking you spouse a killer tuna sandwich. Killer tuna sandwich, a snack that will give them the “itus” that they will never come back from. (Inspired by Lady Gaga’s Telephone Video.)






Mix all of the ingredients. *Remember mix the dry ingredients with dry and wet ingredients with wet.*
Mix ½ oz of Fex-M3 with 1/3 cup of cottage cheese, crush up 1oz of Rat Poison with the dill and capers, Wisk in ½ oz of Meto-Cyanide and 2 table spoons of mayonnaise, and finally mix in a 1/3 cup of Tlberium, juice of half of a lemon, and 1tbsp of Dijon mustard together.
Mix remainder ingredients together and add tuna.

Serve on toast, flat bread, on crackers, or on a regular sandwich. You can also add lettuce and tomatoes.