Bottle Bell Photography

"Lith" from the "Faerieland" Series

Ahsley Lebedev was born in
Minnesota and is the founder
of Bottle Bell Photography. Her
work is very mystical and fairy tail
based and are very interesting. Her photographs are surreal and awe-inspiring that tell stories that seem like they belong in
fantasy novles. She enjoys creativity and is passionate about her work. She creates stories from her experiences and
and her inspiration from the simplicity of nature.


Ashley Lebdev

photo 2
"Raven" from the "FairyTail" Series

Her favorite artists are John Keats, Pablo Neruda, John William Waterhouse, and Maxfield Parrish. Most of her work are somewhat like a visual diary which appears sad but
hopeful. She tries to stay away from any negative emotions. Ashley believes that cameras can be somewhat of an alter ego of the photography.