Elegant Portraits

A sample gallery of prom and bridal portraits.

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People like to remember their special moments in life and in doing so, they love to have photographs to keep those precious memories alive. Life is full o so many wonderful times and memories, and these moments are what I love to capture and give to people to cherish for the rest of their lives. Whether it is celebrating a couple's love, the birth of new life, or just celebrating life and family in general, I enjoy accompanying people as they experience monumental occurrences that become beautiful memories.

My goal is to capture people's unique personality and bring that to life in a photograph. I want to show a couple's deep love or a family's quirky relationship with each other. I use locations and different lighting techniques to portray the feeling of the moment and people. My photographs are unique and individualistic. Using color and contrast, I make my photographs eye catching and come to life. Creating awe-inspiring photographs is about knowing which angle, composition, and lighting concepts are necessary to relay my clients' stories.

Photography is a part of our every day lives. Documenting people's special day or event is becoming very popular and is extremely important to people. Everyone should be able to look back at their photographs and relive the feelings of that day, see the candid personalities of the people in the photograph, and savor the beautiful moments as it occurred A bride should be able to look at a portrait of herself in her wedding gown and remember her excitement, the butterflies in her stomach, the beauty of her and her husband's love. A family should look at their portrait and smile, laugh, and reminisce. Life is about the special moments and it is wonderful to be able to cherish those memories forever.

Brittany Marie Miche