Sherry Birkin

Sherry Birkin was just a little girl when she was involved in the Raccoon City incident. Her parents, William and Annette Birkin, were scientists who devoted their time to their work. They weren't around Sherry much due to their schedule but she still loved them regardless. Her father, William, worked for Umbrella and because of that when he had created the G-virus, they wanted to take it from him. William instead wanted to give it to the Government due to them promising a higher reward. His employers weren't going to let that happen so they sent a Special Team to retrieve the sample. This resulted in William being shot to near death. With his remaining strength, he injected himself. Meanwhile, Annette instructed Sherry to go and wait at the R.P.D. station for it would be safe. Sherry was unaware of what was happening did as her mother told her.
The police station had been overrunned by the undead, but Sherry managed to hide from them by crawling through the air ducts. It wasn't until she met Claire that Sherry realized she was not alone. Sherry stayed by Claire's side as they roamed around the police station at the same time being stalked by her former father. It wasn't until they got separated in the sewers that she encountered her father. Unconscious, Sherry was injected with the G-virus via her father infecting her. Claire found Sherry and realized Sherry might be carrying the virus inside her.