Leon S. Kennedy

Leon S. Kennedy was just a rookie cop when he first encountered the horrors of Raccoon city, first day on the job as a cop and he was already in a mess. Raccoon City had become infested with the undead. He rescues Claire Redfield from a pursuing and the two manage to snag an empty police car. The ride doesn't last long as they are attacked by a zombie in the cop car and soon separated due to an incoming truck with a zombified driver. Informing Claire to meet at the R.P.D. station, Leon made his way there. He and Claire met up in the S.T.A.R.S office. Claire informed him of the journal she found that belonged to her brother. The two agreed to split up and look a way out of the city. Leon explored the rest of the R.P.D. station and was in the parking garage of the station when he met Ada Wong. She told him that she was looking for her boyfriend, Leon agreed to help seeing as he is an officer. The pair run across a journalist named, Ben, who locked himself in a cell to avoid being attacked by monsters. But, he ends up being attacked by the mutated William Birkin. Leon and Ada escape the R.P.D. and find the underground facility of Umbrella and it is there where Ada reveals that she was there for the G-virus sample.

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