BSAA Chris Redfield

Chris was one of the original S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team to investigate of the Arklay Mansion Incident. The Mansion Incident that resulted in the deaths of most of his team with the exception of Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and Brad Vickers. The zombies in the mansion weren't the only problem; their captain, Albert Wesker, turned out to be a traitor working for Umbrella. After escaping the mansion, Chris and the other survivors tried to warn authorities about the activities of Umbrella but they were ignored. Seeing as no one was going to believe them due to Umbrella bribing the Chief of Police, Chris headed to Europe.
While in Europe investigating Umbrella, Chris was unaware of him being targeted by Umbrella. Receiving a message from Leon Kennedy, a friend of Chris' sister Claire, that his sister needed help on Rockfort Island, Chris abandoned his mission and went to Claire's aid. Chris and Claire were reunited in the Antarctic but they still had to escape from the area. With the self-destruction system activated, they had to hurry. Chris ran into his former captain, Wesker while looking for Claire and it was there that Wesker revealed that he had not died back at the Mansion, but was reborn and that killing Chris would be a much better achievement than what he had originally came for. Chris barely managed to fight Wesker off due to Wesker's superhuman strength. Wesker vowed that he would return for Chris and that their next meeting would be his last. That is when Chris vowed to put a stop to Wesker and bioterriosm.